Can we use social media to spread the words of Jesus?

Spreading the words of Jesus is the thing that a true child of Jesus will do. That’s why no matter how different things may be in this modern era, you will never abandon your brother and sister who are looking for a real guidance to get out of the darkness. Is it vital for them to know? The importance of the holy spirit, and today you can simply use the Social media to do so.

Some orthodox people may not agree with this method. However, it’s actually very convenient and just by one-time share, it can be read by hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people with a little bit of luck. It’s a more effective way to deliver the message of Jesus but make sure we don’t abandon the conventional preaching as well. This way, we can share the love of Jesus without forgetting the conventional preaching which is still necessary for every Sunday at the church. You can also become one of the children who is showing the path to the Jesus by spreading His words by using your social media account.