How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower

Having a yard overgrown with grass that is green and clean is a dream for most people. Such a lawn will be very beautiful to look at and can give the feel of calm that the mind will feel relaxed. But we too often thought that taking care of the grass is very troublesome. That you end up hiring a service that requires a lot of costs instead of doing it yourself.

If your lawn is not so wide, you can use scissors mower, whereas if it is a fairly large yard, you can use a lawn mower. If you do not have this machine you can simply buy it in the market. However, you should be able to choose the right lawn mower, which is a challenging topic, so that the result will be as you have expected. How to choose the right lawn mower? You can decide it according to the types. There are 2 types of lawnmowers, namely:

Pushed lawn mowers

This type of machine is used only for lawns that have a flat ground surface. On the driving shaft on a machine of this type can be folded so easily when stored. This type of machine can cut the grass until the edge of the corresponding lines of the wheel. Machines of this type are not hard grass container when mounted and when to let go. If a lawn or a relatively large field is in a rectangular shape, it is better to use pushed lawn mowers. It aims to clip the grass that it can be collected in the middle of the lawn and easily disposed.

Carried mowers

A carried lawn mower is suitable for cutting grass in a field or yard where the land surface is uneven or bumpy. Forms of this type of machine are almost the same as the atomizer pests that are often used by farmers to spray and disinfect. The machine of this type has a length of iron hilt. To turn it on, you can simply pull a lever located near the engine. When using a machine of this type, it should be used by walking forward, not by walking backwards. When there is a stone on the ground, it should be removed in advance so that the mower blades are not easily damaged or defective.