Face to Face Speaking Tests and Listening Tests in the IELTS Test

When taking an IELTS test, such as the B1 English test that you can book through websites such as http://britishlifeskills.com, you will be required to carry out the test with an examiner and the other candidates. The reason is because the IELTS Life Skills will test your ability to communicate daily with others in English.

The best way to test your skills is by pairing the two candidates who have the ability to speak English at the same level as yours. In this way, you will be able to show how good your ability to communicate in English is and engage in a discussion with other people. You only need to attend a short session to finish the test and then after that if you are able to prove that your English skills are sufficient your skills will be certified. Test time allowed for each level as follows:

IELTS Life Skills – Speaking and Listening Tests A1 16-18 minutes
IELTS Life Skills – Speaking and Listening Tests B1 22 minutes