Some of the Factors to Influence the Immune System

There are some of the things which are the influential factors of the immune system. Hence, to be able to maintain the immune system of ours to function properly, it is better for us to be aware of them. In this way, we will be able to prepare the prevention if our immune systems happen to be in danger such as by taking medicines to boost the system. For an example of such a medicine, you may go to Here are some of the factors:

– Age
Hypofunction is easy to infect a baby’s immune system and, as for the parents, they are autoimmune and cancer. Age also affects the immune system. Thus, when the age of the children is increasing, the immune system will also be mature gradually together with their ages and will decrease again when they become elderly.

– Metabolism
Metabolism is also one of the factors to influence the immune system. Hence, patients with the metabolic disease will be more vulnerable to diseases.