One of the Types of Serums

In the composition of a serum, it usually includes a wide variety of ingredients to support the formulas so that the serum can penetrate optimally into the deepest layer of skin. That is why most of the products of facial serums claim to have efficacy up to 10 times better than cream. It is also why it is possible for the face serum to have a price higher than the face cream products. If divided according to types and benefits, facial serums that are currently circulating in the market are generally vitamin C serums, vitamin E serums, and collagen serums. If you want to know more about the difference between facial serums and facial cream, you can go to

For the vitamin c serum, this serum is kind of the most commonly found and used. Generally, serum vitamin C has antioxidant properties and serves as collagen synthesis, to prevent or slow the aging process, as well as anti-inflammatory. Other than that, it is also effective to reduce wrinkles and eye bags under the eyes. The serum is also advisable to solve problems of dull skin and facial blemishes and prevent premature aging.