How to Overcome the Clogged AC Split

The AC Split which is clogged, indeed, needs to be overcome aircon repair singapore. To do so, you need to check the condition of indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner. If you are able to fix it yourself then you have to do it right. But if suppose to fix the AC needs lengthy and technical procedures, it is better to leave it to a professional technician like the aircon repair singapore. Here is how to overcome AC that can be done:

– Fix it by flushing
As the first attempt, you have to do the cleaning in all the pipelines that connect to the indoor section.

– Install manifold
After that, you need to look for a yellow hose on the pipeline that will be flushing. Replace the blue hose that will be mounted on the Freon tube to remove various impurities in the pipe. Pairs the red hoses to connect the tube at different Freon. Then open the tubes and valves on the first Freon to be flowing in the pipe. Then, you have to open the lid and tap in order to drain the Freon first and when finished close back in. Then the oil that is in the pipeline soluble and clean.

– Flush the outdoor
When the indoor unit is already flushed and clean again, it is time to flush the outdoor section. To do this, you can do procedures such as cleaning the indoor unit. Do not forget to replace the new filter and also the capillary tube so that they are kept clean.