The SEO Term In Keywords Research and Google Algorithm

General Terms In seo services singapore that you need to know is very much at all because it is comprehensive SEO, especially if you are new to blogging and SEO. If you are still very new, to understand the discussion below, we recommend that you read one by one for each section so you are not confused later.

1. Terms In Keyword Research
Keyword Research is the process of searching for the right keywords to target that has a high search with crosses as low as possible. Keyword Research is the earliest part of SEO and can greatly affect the outcome of your rank will be. If you choose keywords that competition is medium and above but your blog is still relatively new, it is a very big mistake once. This will result in opportunities your blog rank high in Search Engine almost nothing because the competition is too strong.

– Keyword Planner is a tool owned by Google that helps us do keyword research

– Competitors are our competitors in pursuit of targeted keywords

– Exact match types are the type of keyword search will display keywords that exist on the title without adding any other keyword, the results are the most relevant and frequently used by bloggers to research keywords.

– Monthly searches per month are the amount of a keyword search.

2. The term SEO in Google Algorithm

– Sandbox is the time it takes a site to search for her trust back against Google because it has lost the trust and disappeared from the index page of google.

– The honeymoon is a term to describe a website that can be directly on the google pages in a few moments, and if not optimised properly, its position could change.

– Google Penguin is an algorithm that is designed to address and attack the spam websites like hidden text, cloaking, keyword stuffing, and others.

– Google Panda algorithm is attacking websites with poor quality such as article plagiarism, articles are not qualified, and others.