Online shopping is currently trending because it is more practical. You just go to his website, selecting the desired item, make payments, then the goods will be delivered to the home. According to statistics reported by, 80% of customers using smartphones to shop online. When they shop to shop on a holiday, 70% of customers still using a mobile device – usually just for information. If you have a mobile-friendly website, it could be your website which will be their destination. Where will visitors of your social media accounts be directed? You should direct visitors to your social media website is mobile-friendly. Currently, 55% of social media usage consumption occur on mobile devices. When they access the website link you’ve shared via smartphones, they will be counted as mobile visitors. Do not waste this opportunity because they could have been straight out of your website simply because the design of your website is not mobile-friendly. Not wanting to lose customers, then you can rely on the services of new york web design firms in the manufacturing of this free website.

Incoming traffic to the mobile-friendly website can increase the ranking of your website’s performance in search engines. How can? If your website only has one URL, visitors enter through the smartphone will still be counted in your Web site. Additionally, a mobile-friendly website will keep you up-to-date with the latest Google algorithm, so that your website can perform better in the search engines. Using a mobile-friendly website means that you only need to take care of the website. Yes, the website for all because it can be displayed properly on any device. It is certainly different from the mobile website. As is known, the mobile website separate from the desktop version of the website, and you need to update both when there is a need to be added. More troublesome, is not it? To make things easier, you need to create a mobile-friendly website.