Diabetes is a disease that poses a serious threat to the sufferer. Formerly this disease is identified with people who have entered old age. However, due to unhealthy lifestyles, diabetes can now infect all people regardless of age limit. Diabetes itself is the number 6 cause of death in the world. Even estimated as many as 1.3 million people died from this disease. 4% of them died before the age of 70 years. It shows that diabetes cases can affect anyone regardless of age. Therefore, to prevent the disease, we should take precautions early on and also use Obat Herbal.

Without us realise, it turns out a lot of our daily activities that can increase blood sugar levels. The spike in blood sugar levels if not treated immediately can cause adverse effects to a person, namely the emergence of diabetes that can increase the risk of other disease complications. Increased levels of sugar in the blood at once will increase the risk of having diabetes. Based on research, diabetes that is not treated immediately will cause negative impacts and also complications to the organs in the body of the sufferer.